Engage your employees in your Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Volunteering by creating engaging community impact challenges. Empower your employees to get involved by giving them the tools to give on their terms.


Connect every department, team, and group in your company by creating social groups within your company hub. Employees can share their community impact in real time to inspire each other get involved. They can even create and invite each other to opportunities to get involved!


Create incredible amounts of social capital. Every volunteer hour, every donation, and every element of your Corporate Social Responsibility program is tracked, reported, and shared publicly, in real time, on a custom-branded KyndHub page.

How It Works

You probably have a wellness program, right? Does it include steps challenges? Incentives to visit the doctor? Weight loss challenges? But what do you do for your employees mental wellness?

Now you have an actionable way to improve and engage the mental wellness of your people - it's called Kindfulness! Volunteering, Intentional Acts of Kindness and Gratitude are proven to improve mental wellness and engagement. These are the pillars of Kindfulness. KyndHub makes it fun and easy to practice Kindfulness and track every element of the program.

Improve the mental wellness and culture of your company while increasing your community impact! Oh, and it's easy! We manage everything for you, so no administrative burden.

KyndHub is easy to use and implement.

Build Social Capital & Engage Your Employees

KyndHub makes it easy to share your community impact and engage your employees.

Great Tools To Do Great Things

Tell the World

Share every aspect of your Corporate Social Responsibility in real-time! Every volunteer hour, every donation and every act of kindness is shared as it happens. User-created content allows users to instantly share their social impact in words and pictures.

Make It Easy

Every user can access KyndHub from their computer, phone or tablet. All posts are automatically sorted and tracked in the appropriate group or challenge making it simple and fun to engage.

Make it Fun

Use our head-to-head, group, or leaderboard challenges to create amazing employee engagement and team building. Make it empowering and inspiring for your employees to get involved in your Corporate Social Responsibility Program on their terms.

Make it Yours

Customize and showcase your Corporate Social Responsibility and your community impact on KyndHub. Plus, use our API for easy integration into your existing website or intranet. Your CSR will be on full display!

Additional Features

You have a dynamic corporate social responsibility program. Here are a few more of the powerful and easy-to-use KyndHub features to make your community impact more impactful.

Do you need more employee engagement in your Corporate Social Responsibility Program? Do you have amazing corporate giving campaigns that you want your employees to be a part of? Would you like your corporate culture to focus on kindness and giving? KyndHub can help with that!

Public Challenges

You do amazing things in the community. Don't just tell your customers and clients, invite them to participate.

Account Manager

All of these amazing features, and LESS time and effort for you?! Yep, that's what we are here for.


Share your community impact and corporate social responsibility on your own website with the KyndHub API.

Impact Tracking

Track employee volunteer hours, corporate giving and donations and even random acts of kindness in real-time.

Volunteer Search

Employees can search for volunteer opportunities based on key word and location.

Event Management

Create events for the whole company, or just a specific team and post it directly into their group page.

Program Consulting

Need some insight on growing your Corporate Social Responsibility programs? We can help with that too!

Special Nonprofit Pricing

Run a nonprofit or school? We would love to help!

Let us SHOW you how easy and impactful KyndHub is.


You do NOT need a dedicated admin person to manage KyndHub - let us handle that! Take advantage of our deep automation and client support to lessen your workload and dramatically increase the benefit and impact of you Corporate Social Responsibility program. We will be there EVERY step of the way to make implementation and administration a breeze. It is like your own personal CSR assistant.


Do you really want to manage your volunteer hours and giving on Excel spreadsheets? Dump the spreadsheets and take advantage of real time content and simple, streamlined reporting.


Stop chasing down your employees to get their volunteer hours. When they post what they've done in KyndHub, it is tracked and reported in REAL TIME! That means, you don't have to do it.


Need some help engaging your employees? Questions on CSR best practices? Looking for your next event? We can also set up your challenges, manage your users...and pretty much anything else you can think of.


How much time do you spend looking for your next volunteer event? You can search for that right from the KyndHub platform. Better yet, so can your employees. Let them lead the charge!

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