What is KyndHub?

KyndHub is a virtual hub for companies, organizations, and individuals to co-create meaningful community impact. By gamifying community involvement, KyndHub connects community members for an inspiring and engaging social experience.


Inspire others to get involve like never before by creating community impact challenges. Create challenges for volunteer hour, donation, or random acts of kindness. Increase community involvement by creating fun, engaging, and social challenges to create amazing community impact.


Share your volunteer efforts, donations, and random acts of kindness in real time and see what your fellow community members have done at the same time. Everyone can create and share content from their volunteer time or other community impact to inspire each other to get involved.


Create incredible amounts of social capital within your community. Every volunteer hour, every donation, and every random act of kindness you do can be tracked, reported, and shared publicly, in real time. Inspire others to do great things and be inspired by sharing your impact.


KyndHub makes it easy and fun to share your community impact and engage member of your community to create incredible change.

Great Tools To Do Great Things

Tell the World

Every hour, every donation and every act of kyndness is shared with the world in real time. Share your story of giving back in word and pictures to inspire other community members to get involved.

Make it Fun

Build custom challenges among your groups for amazing team building opportunities. Make it fun and inspiring for your group members to get involved by challenging each other or working together towards a goal!

Make it Yours

Customize and showcase your group on KyndHub. Add members to your group and create custom challenges around causes you are passionate about.

Where do we go from here?


Our Recent Posts

Our passion is to help you make a bigger impact in the community and inspire others to do the same. Check out our blog posts for unique insights for individuals and enterprises alike on social responsibility, volunteering, community engagement, and more!

Corporate Social Responsibility In Action

Dec 11, 2015

Corporate Social Responsibility

What is Corporate Social Responsibility and Why Does it Matter? What is Corporate Social Responsibility? Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the practice of participating in programs that directly benefit society. This social responsibility is vital to better the communities where we live and work. The value of Corporate Social Responsibility is becoming more understood as more […]


Dec 2, 2015

3 Tips for a More Effective Volunteer Program

Quick Tips for an Effective Volunteer Program Establishing an effective volunteer program for your enterprise can be very challenging. One particular challenge is how to get your employees involved – after all, that’s the only way it works. You want to give back to your community, and you’ve created ways for your employees to do that. So […]


Nov 16, 2015

Changing Lives with Kindness

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi We hear it all the time – change starts with you. But what does that mean? How can one person change the world? It is easy to be discouraged. Every day, new tragedies strike round the world. Sometimes it feels hopeless. We’re […]

Community Members

It’s our KyndHub community members that make this a special place. Every member of this community plays a vital role in bettering the world where we live through volunteer efforts, donation and random acts of kindness. Check out what your fellow community members are doing to impact the places where we work, live, and play.