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If you are not affiliated with a company on KyndHub, using the platform can be very different for you than for others. The best thing about KyndHub is that it can work exactly like major social media platforms, such as Facebook. The key to KyndHub is that you take real life kyndfulness and bring it online. Here are 5 ways for individual users to bring their kyndfulness online with KyndHub: 

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KyndHub is a great way to engage employees in practicing kyndfulness, build better mental wellness, and in addition to being a social platform, KyndHub makes it easy to track your impact in real time. In addition, KyndHub offers challenges that allows different teams or departments to go head to head. This can be a great company bonding activity and a way to help employees really get out there to practice kyndfulness. 

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Americans spend an average of 11 hours a day viewing content and interacting on media. It's easy to practice kyndfulness in real life, but shouldn't we bring kyndfulness into our virtual lives as well? KyndHub gamifies kyndfulness to celebrate our "irl" kyndfulness online and offers more ways to get involved and to be kynd everyday. 

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