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Corporate KyndHub By the Numbers

The previous post covered what KyndHub is and how it gamifies kyndfulness to build mental wellness. When you join KyndHub, you can join as an individual or you can sign up with your organization. Check out the next post to learn more about using KyndHub as an individual. 

KyndHub is a great way to engage employees in practicing kyndfulness and  improve mental wellness. In addition to being a social platform, KyndHub makes it easy to track your impact in real time. KyndHub also offers challenges that allow different teams or departments to go head to head. This can be a great company bonding activity and a way to help employees really get out there to practice kyndfulness. 

Organizations can benefit on 3 fronts by using KyndHub to practice kyndfulness; it improves employee wellness, increases employee engagement, and builds social capital. Here are the benefits by the numbers: 

Improving Employee Wellness

  • 92% of people who volunteer through work report improved physical and mental wellness 
  • 80% of people who volunteer report that they have better control over their mental wellness 
  • 78% of employees who volunteer report lower stress levels 


Increasing Employee Engagement 

  • 87% of employees who volunteer through work report increased work engagement 
  • Companies with employees who are more engaged report a 16% increase in profitability 


Building Social Capital 

  • Millennials are a generation of socially conscious shoppers, so they are more likely to give their business to companies that have positive social impacts 
  • Employees who volunteer are 36% more likely to report a strong sense of loyalty 
  • Employees who volunteer are 28% more likely to be proud of a company's core values


Corporate KyndHub By the Numbers    KyndHub for corporate users by the numbers