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Top 5 Uses for KyndHub for Individual Users

KyndHub for individuals

The last post discussed how companies can use KyndHub to boost employee engagement and use KyndHub to track the company's overall impact. 

KyndHub for Individual Users

If you are not affiliated with a company on KyndHub, using the platform can be works much like major social media platforms, such as Facebook. The key to KyndHub is that you take real life kyndfulness and bring it online. Here are 5 ways for individual users to enjoy KyndHub:


1) Meet people! 

The best part about online communities is the chance to connect with others online and in real life. All Project Helping volunteer events are posted to KyndHub where you can easily sign up for new volunteer experiences. Volunteering can be a great way to get out in the community and meet new people. 

2) Get competitive 

Use KyndHub to do kyndfulness competitions with others. You can challenge your real life friends and your family members to practice kyndfulness more and to use KyndHub to track your impact. 

3) Hold yourself accountable 

At some point, everyone has told themselves: "I'm going to be a better person from now on!" It is challenging to turn goals like that into a reality without a realistic way to track your good deeds. Use KyndHub Streaks to measure your personal improvement in order to accomplish your own kindness goals. 

4) Be social without negativity 

Social media can be a great way to be social; however, there is often a lot of bitterness and negativity that people drudge up on most social media platforms. Not on KyndHub! On KyndHub, the goal is to always practice kyndfulness, so no negativity or petty drama is allowed. When you need a break from the drama, log onto KyndHub. 

5) Gift ideas. Delivered. 

KyndKits are on-the-go volunteer projects that are delivered to your door every month with a subscription. Every kit allows you to help others with a different good deed. KyndKits make amazing gifts! If you're stumped on a meaningful gift to give someone - something that expresses your affection but also doesn't clutter up their house - then KyndKits are just what you need! Give a KyndKit, connect with a person, and then take the experience over to KyndHub. 


KyndHub for individuals