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Kyndfulness Gamified


kyndfulness gamified with kyndhub

According to this study, Americans spend an average of 11 hours a day viewing content and interacting on the internet. Our identities and the things we do online have become more and more important in our lives. The kind of online content that we view daily can also have a huge impact on our overall attitudes and opinions. It's easy to practice kyndfulness in real life: doing good deeds for co-workers, opening doors for people, volunteering, and more. But what about online? Considering the huge role of technology in our lives, shouldn't we bring kyndfulness into our virtual lives as well? 

KyndHub seeks to do just that. Think of it like Facebook, but for sharing kind deeds, thoughts, and words. KyndHub gives kyndfulness a place online in two ways: first, by providing an online platform to share kyndfulness in a space free of trolls and negativity. Second, by gamifying kyndfulness with badges for streaks and accomplishments.

Being kind in real life already makes you feel great and actually improves your mental health, but with KyndHub, you can take it one step further. Group Challenges allow teams to turn being kind into a competition that encourages both groups and makes for great team bonding. The new event posting feature also makes KyndHub a one stop shop as a place to reflect on your volunteer experiences and to sign up for new ones.

This week, challenge yourself to take some of that screen time and put it towards kyndfulness. Of course, online kyndfulness could never replace the amazing impact of a good deed "irl" but if you're looking for your next volunteer event to make an impact or need ideas for your next act of kindness, KyndHub is a great place to start! Afterwards, post about it! This way you can inspire others and make kynd connections with your friends and co-workers!