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The Gift for Every Occasion - Give a KyndKit!

KyndKits as gifts


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We have all been there: you check the calendar or glance at your phone and realize that your mother-in-law, step brother, grandma, friend from college, et cetera has a birthday tomorrow. Then you panic because you don't have the slightest clue what to get this person. Maybe you haven't seen So-And-So in a while and don't know what they're up to. Maybe Grandma and Grandpa already have everything, and probably don't need another trinket. 

For those hard to shop for people in your life, what do you give them for the next birthday or holiday? 

Easy! A KyndKit subscription! 

KyndKits are the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Why? Because you are giving an easy, interactive volunteer experience. Not only does doing a KyndKit make a big impact on the doer's mental health, it also impacts others and helps make your community a better place. Every kit has a different theme to help someone new; for example, previous kits have been Military Gratitude Kits, Cold Care Kits, and First Responder Care Packages. 

Because KyndKits can be done at home or at work, they make volunteering more accessible. For grandparents or relatives who aren't able to leave the house as much or busy families, giving them a KyndKit subscription can provide them with a fun experience that also connects them to the community. Once a kit is completed, there is often the option to hand it out in person or to mail it in to be given to someone in need. 

Additionally, KyndKit gift packages are customizable. When you order a subscription as a gift, you have the option of choosing a different number of kits to be in each package. This means that grandma and grandpa could be sent just two kits per month; whereas if you're gifting to a family of six, you could send enough kits for everyone to do their own. You can also customize the length of the subscription. There are options for 3 month, 6 month, 12 month, and ongoing subscriptions. 

Finally, KyndKits make great gifts because they are fun! Most KyndKits involve some kind of arts and crafts. They offer a chance for the adults to do some coloring and for the kids to do what they're best at. The KyndKit receiver will definitely be left feeling all warm and fuzzy inside after they finish their KyndKit - and that is the mark of the perfect gift! 

Want to be known as the person who gives the best gifts? Give a KyndKit! 

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