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The Magic of KyndKits


experience the magic of kyndkits


There is this old saying that all the best things come in small packages. When it comes to KyndKits, that is certainly true. The first time I did a KyndKit was during the summer when the project was heat relief kits for people experiencing homelessness. My KyndKit came in a box with multiple others and, at first glance, the little package didn't look like a whole lot. Just a package with a smile on it. 

I tore it open and poured out the contents to see everything I would need to assemble the KyndKit: A card, envelope, markers, socks, chapstick, sunscreen, and more. This KyndKit was pretty simple; you pack all the necessities into the bag provided, write an uplifting letter, add some extras, and keep it in your car for the next time you see someone who might use it. The kit even came with a list of extras to add. When I did mine, I added a tube of lemon-scented chapstick, another tube of sunscreen, and a water bottle. 

Then, I wrote a note to go with the kit and packed all of it into a compact bag. That KyndKit lived in my car's glove compartment for about a week before I saw someone who might need it. I had honestly forgotten about the KyndKit until that moment on a hot day when I saw this man sitting in the shade of a doorway. Quickly I drove back around the block, parked in a spot a few doors down from him, grabbed the KyndKit, and ran to catch up to him as he walked the other way. 

I remember calling after him, "wait, sir, just a moment." When I caught him, I handed him the kit and briefly explained that it was a heat relief kit with things like sunscreen and new socks. As I talked, he began to dig through the kit to see what was inside. As he did, a smile grew across his face. 

"Oh, I needed that," he chuckled to himself as he uncapped the chapstick to smell the lemony scent. 

In my haste, I had forgotten to grab the water bottles that I also kept in my car. I had to run back for them and gave him as many as he could carry. By this point, we were both beaming as he opened the envelope to read the letter I had written. 

When I eventually got back in my car after chatting with him a little longer - I learned that his name was John and that he usually walked up this way every day because it was more shady than the park - I felt very pleased that I was able to make this man's day better. In doing something good for someone else, I had made myself feel good too. 

That is the magic of KyndKits: you are so busy helping others that you don't realize that you're helping yourself too. 

With every KyndKit, you make a huge impact in 4 ways: you improve your own well-being, you help others, you support Project Helping, and you support the Women's Bean Project. 


the magic of kyndkits