Practice Kindfulness
Kindfulness is a daily practice that includes volunteering, intentional acts of kindness, gratitude, connection, and reflection.

What is KyndHub?

Improve employee mental wellness by practicing kindfulness.

Kindfulness is an innovative way to connect your wellness programs and your community impact to benefit the mental wellness of your employees. KyndHub tracks the volunteer hours, acts of kindness, gratitude, and donations of your employees and company. It is an online community for practicing, sharing, and inspiring kindfulness.

  • Employees post their own volunteer hours, acts of kindness, gratitude, and donations.
  • Users can post when they gave or received kindfulness to build a kindful culture.
  • Create and manage amazing volunteer experiences with our event management tool.
  • Engage employees by creating fun challenges between different groups.
  • Build social capital for your brand with real-time, public reporting.
  • Engage your customers or clients with public challenges.


Workplace Mental Wellness

Why It Matters

Workplace Mental Health

Mental wellness issues are the leading cause of disengaged employees. Kindfulness is a proactive, non-threatening approach to building mental wellness in your workplace and your culture.


How does KyndHub work?

It’s an online community of kindfulness.

KyndHub works on any computer, phone or tablet. When your users volunteer, do an act of kindness, or express gratitude, they just log in and post it. It is automatically tracked for real-time impact. Kindfulness builds mental fitness for your employees while creating an amazing employee experience.

  • Log in from any device that has internet access.
  • Quickly and easily post your kindfulness.
  • Tag coworkers, causes, and organizations.
  • Posts automatically track in any challenges you are a part of.
  • Set goals or create challenges between different groups in your company.
  • Report, in real time, all the impact your company has on the community.


How do I start using KyndHub?

It’s easy to get started.

We would love to show you around. You can schedule a demo, or just go straight to sign up. After you sign up, we will reach out and collect your user information and you can be up and running in 24 hours!

If you have questions, please contact us and we can help you through the process.

Here is a list of things you’ll need to get set up:

  1. Company Logo
  2. List of users
  3. List looks better with threes….but really you only need those two things.

Be a Kindful Company
Schedule a Demo or Sign Up
Simple Reporting
easy insights
Dump the spreadsheets and take advantage of real time content and simple, streamlined reporting.
Volunteer Search
easy access to volunteering
Search from over 150,000 volunteer experiences posted by nonprofits.
Intuitive Tracking
know the impact you're making
Stop chasing down your employees to get their volunteer hours. When they post in KyndHub, it is tracked in REAL TIME!
Account Manager
we make you look good
Rely on our staff to build a successful program – any time, for any reason.
Event Management
amazing volunteer experiences
Create and manage your volunteer events and allow users to sign up with one click.
Engage Your People
make it fun to be involved
We gamify every aspect of kindfulness to engage employees and consumers.

Kindfulness is a daily practice using volunteering, intentional acts of kindness, and gratitude to bring awareness to the impact you make on others and the positive mental state created by serving others.

Five Pillars of Kindfulness

Volunteering | Intentional Acts of Kindness | Gratitude | Connection | Reflection

Mobile Ready
KyndHub is accessible on any mobile device that has internet access.
Post on the go
Always accessible
Post your kindfulness as it happens on any phone or tablet.
Capture the moment
Real-time impact
Users can capture and share images of their kindfulness as it happens.
Responsive design
All the same features
All the same great features of our website on your mobile device.
Quick Access
works like an app
Users log in once, then can access their home page directly with no login needed.
Don't Miss a thing
Always up to date
See the most recent posts from your experiences as they happen.
Works on every device
KyndHub mobile will work on any smart phone or tablet that has internet access.
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