What KyndHub is, how it works, and how to get started.

What is KyndHub?

KyndHub is an online community for practicing, sharing, and inspiring kindfulness.

Kindfulness is a daily practice using volunteerism, intentional acts of kindness, and gratitude to bring awareness to the impact you make on others and the positive mental state created by serving others. The five pillars to kindfulness are: volunteering, intentional acts of kindness, gratitude, connection, and reflection.

  • When you volunteer, post it, tag friends, and share your impact.
  • Share when you give or receive an act of kindness.
  • Challenge other users to pay acts of kindness forward.
  • Post the things you are grateful for and inspire others to do the same.
  • Connect with friends, family, and coworkers to build your kindful community.


How does KyndHub work?

It’s a online community of kindfulness.

KyndHub works on your desktop, phone or tablet. When you volunteer, do an act of kindness, or express gratitude, you just log in and post it. It is automatically tracked so you can look back at all the kindful things you’ve done. Invite your friends, family, or coworkers and create or join different hubs and groups!

  • Log in from any device that has internet access.
  • Quickly and easily post your kindfulness.
  • Tag friends, causes, and organizations.
  • Your posts automatically track in any challenges you are a part of.
  • Join other groups or create your own kindful community.


Who can use KyndHub?

There is a place on KyndHub for everyone.

KyndHub is a great place to connect with your friends and family to practice kindfulness! Invite them to KyndHub quickly and easily. By gamifying community impact, it is engaging and meaningful for all individual users to participate!

  • Build your own kindful community on KyndHub.
  • Invite friends and family.
  • Inspire your community to practice kindfulness.
  • Track and gamify your community impact together.


How do I start using KyndHub?

It’s easy to get started.

  1. Click join KyndHub.
  2. Sign up with Facebook or your email.
  3. Confirm your email address.
  4. Invite friends and family.
  5. Start practicing kindfulness.

invite and engage your friends
Invite your friends and build your group to make practicing kindfulness social and fun.
Build Your Groups
more impact together
Individual users can build groups of friends to inspire everyone to action and practice kindfulness together.
Volunteer Search
find volunteer experiences
Search from 150,000+ volunteer opportunities posted by the nonprofits themselves.
make it fun
Challenge others head to head, or work together towards a larger goal.
My Kindfulness
track your kindfulness
See all of your kindfulness in real time and get inspiration for your next kindful act.
Create Opportunities
create and manage events
Create volunteer experiences and share them in your groups or hubs.
[kahynd–fuh l-nis]
Kindfulness is a daily practice using volunteering, intentional acts of kindness, and gratitude to bring awareness to the impact you make on others and the positive mental state created by serving others.

Five Pillars of Kindfulness

Volunteering | Intentional Acts of Kindness | Gratitude | Connection |Reflection

Mobile Ready
KyndHub works on any mobile device that has internet access.
Post on the go
Share kindfulness as it happens
Post your kindfulness as it happens on your phone or tablet.
Capture the moment
Real-time impact
Capture images of your kindfulness as it happens and share it in real-time.
Responsive design
All the same features
All the same great features of our website on your mobile device.
Quick Access
Works like an app
Save my.kyndhub.com to your phone’s home screen for quick access.
Don't Miss a thing
Always up to date
See the most recent posts from your experiences as they happen.
Works on every device
KyndHub mobile will work on any smart phone or tablet that has internet access.
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