1 Month Before Launch


One month before launch, notify employees of the new program. Employees can be notified via email, internal communications platforms, or in person during a meeting. We have prepared materials that you may use to communicate with your staff. Below is an email template that can be copied and pasted and then edited to suit your needs. We have also prepared a flyer, paycheck stuffer, and other materials that explain KyndHub. Feel free to use all or a few of these materials after your roll-out. 

At this point, your employee leader should be appointed so that there is a person employees can turn to if they have questions or comments. This person should be enthusiastic about the new program as to generate excitement among employees. 

Email Template


As a company, we have been looking for opportunities to expand our social responsibility. More than that, we are looking to establish further a culture that takes a proactive approach to support the wellbeing of you, our employees. 
In less than one month, [company] will begin our journey with KyndHub. KyndHub is an online platform that will allow us to track our collective and individual volunteer hours, donations, and acts of kindness. Our goal is to use Kyndhub to impact individuals, our company, and the community at large. Some benefits of this program are: increased mental and physical wellness, increased employee engagement, and lowered stress levels.

We encourage you to engage with us in this program. All engagement is 100% voluntary, although we feel that you will benefit from using KyndHub. According to a survey conducted by KyndHub, they found that employees who engage in volunteering see a 25% increase in their mental wellness. Through using this tool, you may find lower levels of stress, improved mental and physical wellness, and more.
Feel free to be as active as you would like with this new program. In the next few weeks, we will be sending more information and reminders about it all.Please watch for communication regarding the Kyndhub launch and reach out if you have any questions or comments. 
We are looking forward to partnering with Kyndhub, and we hope you are too!
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