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Sharing acts of Kyndness on KyndHub is easy and interactive. Acts of Kyndess work in a variety of ways. A user has the ability to share an act of kyndness they completed, one that they witnessed, and one that they received. In addition to this, users have the ability to challenge each other to acts of kyndness and to tag others who were a part of the act. 

 Acts of Kyndess are a great way to build the community aspect of the corporate culture. One great way to start with this would be through upper management. Do an act of kyndness and share it on KyndHub, and then use the "Who should do the next one?" line to challenge others in the office to follow your lead. The more employees that share acts of kyndness, the more that others will feel comfortable doing so as well.


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     T his month our focus in KyndHub will be sharing "acts of kyndness". While this will promote employees to create more intentional acts of kyndness, it will also encourage connection and fun competition through the "challenge" feature. When you complete an act of kyndness, there is a feature to fill out "Who should do the next one?". Be sure to challenge your coworkers to make not only the office, but the rest of the World a better palce!

     By intentionally participating in an act of kyndness, we can increase our self- esteem and our mental wellness. This feature in KyndHub allows for you to engage in an act of kyndness, to share that you witnessed an act of kyndness, or to post that an act of kyndness has been done to you. Make sure to start looking out for acts of kyndness around you, and to start initiating them yourself!

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      Some of our favorite and easiest acts of kyndness we have seen posted on KyndHub are below:

"When buying myself flowers at Trader Joe's, I paid for two extra bouquets and left them with the cashier for the next people through checkout to receive."

"I bought the person behind me in line at Starbucks my favorite pastry. It was cheap and I hope it brings a smile to their face like it does for me."

     Start sharing your acts of kyndness so we can add them to our list of favorites!

Intentional Acts of Kyndness have shown to increase:

- The love hormone


- Self-esteem

- Energy


(Stronger effect than working out 4x per week) 



Intentional Acts of Kyndness have shown to decrease:

- Pain

 (Produces endorphins- the brain's natural painkiller)

- Stress

(23% less cortisol- the stress hormone)

- Anxiety

- Depression

- Blood Pressure



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