Month 4



This month, we want to make sure that you are utilizing the "marketplace" function in KyndHub.  We have our own marketplace that individuals are always welcome to use, and you can build a company marketplace in addition to that. While this does incentivize use of the platform, it also gives the opportunity to make an even bigger impact. For example- we have an option in our marketplace to use points in order to make a donation to an organization that's important to you. Project Helping funds 100% of the donation, and the receipt is sent to the KyndHub user who utilized their points for the donation reward. 

How does it work? As users track kindfulness in KyndHub, they receive points. This includes gratitude, acts of kyndness, volunteering, challanges, etc. They can then use these points in order to redeem "prizes" from the marketplace. 

You can build a marketplace of your own, and stock it with company gear, gift cards, and so much more. One idea we really like (and another way to build community within the organization) is the option to choose a place to cater lunch from, or a restaurant where everyone can take a lunch break one day. You can even add an option to win a picnic after a certain amount of points and everybody can participate in this! There's tons of ways to utilize this marketplace, as always please contact us if you have any questions about it! 

If you have already set up your marketplace- great! Feel free to add a new reward this month to keep employees engaged. 

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      This month we want to make sure that everybody is participating in KyndHub, which is why we set up (or added to) our marketplace! As you know, you earn points every time you track activity on KyndHub. These points can be redeemed for prizes, either in our [company] marketplace, or in the Project Helping marketplace. 

      Some items that we currently have listed in the marketplace are:




If you have some ideas of other rewards you'd like to have added to the marketplace, let us know! Happy shopping.

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PRIZES?! Make sure you check out the "marketplace" on KyndHub to redeem all thsoe points you've been earning for some cool rewards.

The rewards we currently have listed in our KyndHub marketplace are:


Remember to keep accumulating those points through acts of kyndness, gratitude, and volunteering. Keep an eye out on the marketplace for new rewards AND be sure to let us know if theres something you'd like to see added.


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