Month 5



 This month, we want you to become familiar with the option of running company challenges in KyndHub. This is another great way to improve employee engagement with the program and work towards a healthier workplace as a whole.

Challenges can be as unique as you want them to be! In your KyndHub account, you are able to  go into the "challenges" widget and start creating some fun competition in the workplace.


Email Template


 This month, we are going to start some friendly workplace competition! Using your KyndHub accounts, be sure to check on the "challenges" feature throughout the month to see which new challenges we have launched for you.

 And of course- there are incentives! (Explain creative company challenges for the month here!)

We can't wait to see what you got...

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Weekly Messages

Each week- put out new challenges for employees and check on the previous ones! Make sure to continuously put effort forth in these to be certain employees stay engaged.

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