Pre-Launch Materials

These pre-launch materials are designed to generate excitement for the KyndHub launch in your company. We have included materials for you to use from one month before the launch up until launch day. These include email templates, digital flyers, and options for internal communication platforms. We have included some talking points that can be used at a company meeting or conference. The materials we have provided will help introduce your employees to the platform. We have also included some general tips that will help the launch go smoothly and increase engagement.

Some tips for launching the program: 

Make it Voluntary - Forced interaction does not work well with an employee wellness program. KyndHub is designed to inspire engagement through gamification and social interaction.

Make is Accessible - Despite the interest in being involved, access to volunteer opportunities has to be easy, flexible, and consistent. We have provided a few ideas for on-site opportunities in this plan.

Appoint a Leader - Have a person be the company kyndful leader. This person will be able to answer questions and lead engagement. This person should also help generate enthusiasm for the program.

Emphasize Connections - A key component to any volunteer program is the ability to connect with peers. We have included materials to build and strengthen those connections.